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Why having a certified translation of your visa is so important

Studying abroad can be a very enriching experience. Are you also looking to spend a term at a foreign university, make new experiences and broaden your horizons? Studying abroad needs a lot of advance preparation, so you should look into getting a student visa as early as possible. Below, you will find some useful tips […]

Why we are the first choice for your notarized translation

The professional translation of documents is a complex task that requires extensive experience and specialised knowledge. We ensure that our clients’ documents are always handled by the most qualified translators. Here are 4 reasons for which we are the best partners for your notarized translation: Translating is our passion: Our priority is to deliver you […]

Why do I need a certified translation?

When you have to submit certain documents and papers as part of official correspondence, you will often be asked for a certified translation. But why exactly do you need such a document? Find out below. What is a certified translation? A certified translation is a legally valid translation of the original document with identical content. […]

Notarized translation for Zurich

SemioticTransfer is your accredited and certified translation agency for certified translations with or without apostille for Zurich. We offer our services for official purposes in more than 40 languages. What is a notarized translation? A notarized translation is a legally valid official translation of the original document whose content is identical to the original. It […]

That’s why we’re your perfect partner for your certified translation

There are almost as many translation agencies as there are stars in the sky. So why should you choose us? That’s why you can rely on us 100%. The translations we provide are… …completely faithful to the original. The content of certified translations must correspond 100% with the contents of the original document. We guarantee […]