Which documents require a certified translation?

There are many reasons for which you may need to have a document translated. Maybe you want to send it to relatives or friends who have a less-than-perfect grasp of your language. Or maybe it is an official document and you need a translation for commercial or legal reasons. In these situations, you will probably need a certified translation of your document. But what is a certified translation? And which documents can be translated and certified? Read on to find out more.

What is a certified translation?

These are translations that have been performed by an accredited translator or a professional translation agency. The translator or the agency must be able to guarantee that the document is genuine and that the translation is accurate. A certified translation will usually have a written declaration, to ensure that it will be accepted. For many different types of documents, certified translations are done as standard. Some of the most common are: birth, marriage and death certificates; degrees and attestations; deeds and certifications; passports and identity documents; control and customs documents; contracts and agreements; patents and trademark documents; and financial documents.

What is the process behind a certified translation?

The first step in obtaining a certified translation is finding a qualified translation agency. This agency should offer the language combination you need and should also be familiar with the subject matter. The next step is to ask for a quote. You can do that quickly with our price calculator! You can then give details of the service you require, the desired deadline and any other relevant information. If you accept the quote, an expert will handle your order and you will receive the translated, certified document and an invoice from the agency.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a certified translation depends on multiple factors. To begin with, it depends on how long the text is. In addition, whether or not you need an apostille will have an effect on the price. An apostille is a ‘super-certification’ that means the recipient of the translation can be absolutely certain that the translation and its certification are legitimate. Prices also vary from one provider to another. You can calculate our exact price here in only a few clicks.

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