Your dream job abroad: why you need a certified translation of your degree certificate

Moving abroad and starting a new job is a dream for many people: diving into a new culture, making new friends, developing news skills and having some unforgettable experiences. Thanks to the ever-rising trend of globalisation, achieving this dream has never been easier. Needless to say, if you are looking to take the plunge as well, you will need to prepare everything thoroughly, including by having your degree certificate translated. In this article, we answer all the most important questions about this process.

Can’t I just translate my degree certificates myself?

Your degree certificate is one of the most important documents when applying for a job abroad. It illustrates not only your academic achievements but also your relevant expertise in your domain. Your degree certificates are therefore best left for professional translators. These translators not only have an impeccable command of the language, but they can also identify linguistic nuances and can reproduce them flawlessly in the target language, without missing out any information. In addition, degree certificates or diplomas do not have the same weight everywhere. A certified translation provides a safeguard for your degree certificate, at least at a linguistic and legal level, and is a sign of your professionalism for your potential employer.

Do I need a certified translation for any other documents in my application?

Having a certified translation of your CV is also particularly important. This is not just because of its content but also because of its form, since the requirements when applying for a position vary from one country to another. For example, CVs in the UK do not have a photo on them. This is to ensure equal opportunities amongst all job applicants. In Australia, CVs are often seen as more important than cover letters. Furthermore, relevant experience is described in more detail, irrelevant information is omitted entirely and the job history is not always given in chronological order. All this might sound a little overwhelming, especially when you want your application to stand out and you don’t want to make any blunders. Fortunately, translation companies like SemioticTransfer are here to take care of this work for you.

SemioticTransfer are the pros at certified translations!

With us, your documents are in the best hands. We not only translate the language and the content of your documents, but also take the application standards of the ever-growing labour market into account.

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