Get a certified translation of your academic documents and qualifications

SemioticTransfer can help you with certified translations of your academic documents and qualifications. Do you need an accurate and official certified translation of your educational qualifications and certificates that is 100% reliable? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog article we explain what you need to know about certified translations of academic documents. 

Certified translations of your academic documents and qualifications

Academic transcripts or certificates act as proof of your achievements and play an important role in many areas of life. As such, they are often requested by authorities and employers. You are asked to submit evidence of university education or vocational training via documents such as a reference from a former employer or a general certificate to confirm the skills and knowledge you have gained. Have you achieved academic qualifications abroad that you’d like to have officially recognised in Switzerland? You need to be aware that many institutions and companies require you to submit a translation certified by a notary.

Gain the recognition that your documents deserve by getting them certified

Since individual sectors in different countries have different standards of education and achievement, it can be a challenge to prove the validity of qualifications and work achievements. Consequently, a certified translation has to be an exact reproduction of the relevant skills and qualifications using precisely the right words. Only then can the document be officially recognised. Proficiency levels and grading systems used in school reports and university degrees are largely harmonised across Europe. But there are often problems recognising the skills listed in performance records from non-European countries. A certified translation of an academic record or diploma should give you peace of mind, at least concerning the linguistic and legal suitability of your document.

Certifications and translations to meet your requirements

Whether it’s for a trading company or a public authority in your town, city or canton, your translation may require another form of certification depending on its purpose. Based on our many years of experience as a Swiss translation agency, we’re happy to tell you whether a straightforward certification is sufficient for your document, or whether you’ll need an apostille as well. To make sure it all goes smoothly, we work closely with the state administrative bodies in each state chancellery and the foreign consulates in Switzerland.

We’re happy to help you with your certified translation!

Obtaining a high-quality, professional translation of your academic documents and qualifications is essential, since their content has to be reproduced verbatim. At SemioticTransfer we provide prompt and professional service. We are committed to delivering quality and accuracy. We produce high-quality certified translations of your academic documents and qualifications with a quick turnaround time. SemioticTransfer offers certified translations in 40 different languages.

Our language and culture experts work together on each project, ensuring that all our translations meet the cultural norms of the target language. Your translation is completed by professional translators who translate into their native language and have proven experience in this field. We treat all your information confidentially and ensure that you receive an accurate certified translation and a swift and professional service. As a long-established, certified translation agency, we’re happy to help!

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