What is a notarized translation?

There are many situations where a notarized translation of a document must be submitted to courts, government agencies, embassies and agencies. For individuals, one such situation may be a marriage with a foreign partner. In business, an example would be a commercial contract with a company from another country.

“Notarized” means that the translation of the document is recognized and legally binding. With certified translations, the translator pays special attention to the fact that the translation is fully consistent with the original.

Our certified native language translators must prove their skills and experience. In some countries they take an oath before the court.

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notarized translation

Notarized translation:
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Protect yourself from damages by unprofessional translations

certified translation

A professional translation with officially correct certification prevents problems with recognition by the authorities. We want to offer you security. We have therefore specialized in recognized certified translations for over 10 years.

We confirm our notarized translations with a signature, stamp and a declaration that we have carried out the translation to the best of our knowledge and belief. In this way, as an ISO-certified translation agency, we guarantee that a specific document has been translated correctly and completely and is therefore legally binding.

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How to get a notarized translation


Simply send us your document without obligation by email as a PDF or scan to contact@semiotictransfer.ch. Describe your request as precisely as possible. It is important to specify the target language and for which country you need the translated document.


You will then receive a free offer from us immediately and without obligation. The standard processing time is approximately one week. Your documents will of course be treated with absolute discretion. All customer data is treated confidentially in accordance with ISO 17100.


When you place an order, you will receive a printed original version from us by registered post, because only our original is legally valid. As a rule, copies are not accepted.

Our service practice for certified translations is based on our many years of experience and the Swiss standard. This procedure is usually sufficient.

For further or specific requirements, please contact the recipient of your documents.

If you have any questions or remarks, just give us a call. Together we will clarify your concerns and we will surely find a suitable solution.

We are happy to help you and advise you personally on + 41 56 470 40 40. We are already looking forward to a good cooperation!

SemioticTransfer AG is the ISO-certified Swiss translation agency for recognized certified translations in 40 languages.
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