When do I need a notarized certified translation?

Have you come across the expression ‘notarized certified translation’ when looking for a professional translation agency, but are unsure what it means? You’ve come to the right place!

A notarized certified translation is the most reliable way of using an official document in another language. When you have an official document translated, make sure that the translation is carried out by an experienced, certified translator. A notarized certified translation will then be separately authenticated by a notary public. This makes the translation legally valid. 

Having a notarized certified translation is particularly important when you need to use an official document abroad or for official purposes. This includes birth certificates, marriage certificates, attestations and degree certificates. Contracts or executions of wills can also be notarized and certified. It is particularly essential that documents such as these should be translated with accuracy and precision. You should therefore opt for a notarized certified translation.

Notarized certification is performed by a notary public. With a written declaration, the notary public confirms the authenticity of signatures on a document. The result is a legally valid copy of the original that will be accepted even abroad.

If you are looking to have an official document translated, you should therefore insist on having a notarized certified translation. This is the only way to ensure that your translation is completely faithful and will be accepted by its recipient. Get in touch today for a non-binding quote or try out our price calculator for yourself!

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