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SemioticTransfer – for your professionally certified translation for Zurich

Zurich is a global city. Its economic industry is constantly growing and the high standard of living is attracting more and more people. Are you looking to move to Zurich too? Take the plunge and have your documents translated today. There is nothing standing in your way! What is a certified translation and why do […]

Certified translation: visas for studying abroad

Studying abroad can be a very enriching experience from both a personal and a professional viewpoint. Are you also looking to go abroad for an extended period, broaden your horizons and immerse yourself in a foreign culture? If you are interested in applying to a university abroad, you should also be looking into student visas […]

How a certified translation in German is done

Ordering a basic translation is not particularly complicated. You send the document to the translation agency of your choice, tell them the language termination and a delivery deadline, and, a few days later, you receive the translated document. But how does it work for a translation that may need an apostille, or that needs to […]

Certified translation into German – We are your perfect partner

As we all know, investing in quality is worth it. This is also true for translations, where even a small mistranslation can have serious consequences. The contents of certified translations in particular must be accurate, if the translation is to be legally valid in Switzerland or abroad. But how do you find the right qualified, […]

Notarized translation of your birth certificate

Do you need a notarized translation of your birth certificate or a certified translation of a foreign birth certificate? We will gladly take care of this for you! Read on to find out everything you need to know about the translation of birth certificates and why we are the perfect partner for the job. What […]