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Why is a notarized translation of my birth certificate necessary?

Perhaps you need a notarized translation of your Swiss birth certificate, or a notarized translation of a foreign birth certificate? Whatever your situation, you have come to the right place. We can explain everything you need to know about notarized translations of birth certificates.  When do I need to present my birth certificate?  Birth certificates […]

Certified translations for Zurich

The canton of Zurich is becoming more international with every passing day. Around a quarter of the population is from abroad – and that percentage continues to grow. Moreover, many Zurich residents move to another country for professional or personal reasons. So, what do these two situations have in common? Well, they both require a […]

Certified translation: to register your patent abro for your brand new patent

Since the start of the pandemic many people have developed new business ideas and taken the leap into entrepreneurship. They’ve brought innovative ideas, products and services to the market. Have you developed a brand new concept? If the answer is yes, then you’ve probably already registered a patent in your own country to prevent the […]

Notarized translation of passports, visas and residence permits

Borders are reopening, entry conditions are being relaxed and our desire to travel is stronger than ever. Maybe you’ve spent months dreaming of an exciting city break, a relaxing stay in a mountain lodge or a refreshing holiday at the seaside. Before you book your trip and check in at the airport, you need to […]

Notarized translations of official documents

In Switzerland, as in most other countries, translations of official documents need to be notarized. In this blog article we’ll explain what makes translations of official documents different from other translations, which official documents need to be notarized, how the translation process works and why SemioticTransfer is the ideal choice for notarized translations you can […]