Why you need a certified translation

In a globalised world, where more and more business relationships are being cultivated internationally, being able to communicate effectively and to overcome language barriers is vital. One important component of successful communication is accurate and reliable translation. The solution here is a certified translation. Certified translations are produced by an accredited translator or a certified translation agency and then certified by a notary public. Read on to find out more.

What is a certified translation?

It’s is a translation that has been produced by an accredited translator or a certified translation agency and certified by a notary public. The translator or the agency affixes a stamp to the translation to certify that it is an accurate and complete reproduction of the original document. The notary public then certifies the signature. A certified translation is therefore a legally recognised translation that is accepted by authorities, courts, universities and other institutions.

Why are certified translations important?

They are important for several reasons. One reason is that certified translations are legally binding. Many institutions and authorities will not accept a translation as a valid document unless it is certified. For example, if you are applying to immigrate or obtain a visa, you will often need to submit certified translations of documents like your birth certificate, marriage certificate or qualifications. Without a certified translation, you will not get very far.

Another important reason for using a certified translation is the translation’s accuracy and reliability. A certified translation is produced by a qualified, experienced translator who understands the original document completely and can provide a precise translation of it. An incorrect or unreliable translation can lead to misunderstandings or even legal problems.

In addition, this document can help you appear professional and trustworthy, particularly in commercial or academic circles. If you have business partners abroad, for example, it is important for those partners to have documents they can understand, in their own language. Finally, a certified translation can make professional collaboration more effective and more successful.

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