Certified Translation

When an apostil is necessary

Do I need an apostil for the certified translation?

If you have to submit a certain document to a foreign public authority office, such as a marriage or birth certificate, then it’s possible that in addition to a certified translation, the public authority will want confirmation as to the authenticity of the document.  This notarisation, or apostil, confirms not only the authenticity of the signature of the notary public, but also the stamp or seal with which the certificate was legitimised.

In the Hague Convention for Private Law of 1961, the apostil was introduced as a form of notarisation in order to exempt foreign public documents from a special legalisation. The number of member states that are bound by the agreement is currently 108. In these countries, you don’t need any further confirmation from an embassy or consulate in order for the documents to be recognised if they are submitted together with an apostil. In all other countries, the responsible diplomatic mission or consulate must reconfirm the notarisation.

Apostils, as defined by the Hague Convention, make legal transactions between member states much easier and now enables quick and unbureaucratic solutions in international relations, which contributes to globalisation.


Where can I get an apostil?

In Switzerland, you can get an apostil for a fee at the federal administration, at the cantonal Staatskanzlei (state chancellery) or certain organisations that perform official duties in the interest of the state.


Can SemioticTransfer AG obtain an apostil for me?

As an ISO-certified translation agency for recognised certified translations, we’ll assist you and get the right apostil for you. We’ll check the national and international guidelines for you and make arrangements with the local notary

We’ve been translating and notarising for consulates, embassies, and agencies as well as chambers of commerce, notary publics, and state chancelleries for the past 10 years, so we know their requirements well. Your documents are in good hands with us.

Note: The service we offer for certified translations is based on our long-standing experience and the Swiss standard. Generally, this approach is sufficient. For more extensive or specific requirements, please ask the recipient of your documents. We’ll gladly take on the clarifications within the framework of our extended Document Service. We are happy to answer any questions.

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