The Three Key Considerations of Translation Project Management

When going about a business translation project of any kind, there are three important considerations to bear in mind – time, cost and quality. The reason being that you’ll need to determine which of these concepts takes precedence over the rest, in order to help determine the service you’ll be needing.


For example, if you are in need of an urgent translation that needs carrying out immediately, your options are essentially a) to go for an automated translation or b) hire a professional to carry out an emergency job. The only problem being that in both such instances, it’s difficult to get the job done properly as it will have to be rushed. Which is precisely why it’s a good idea to plan as far in advance as possible when it comes to required translations, rather than leaving things right up to the last minute.


Saving money on document translation services doesn’t necessarily mean having to cut corners. Simplifying documents, ordering in bulk, negotiating deals for repeat business – there are many ways of bringing costs under control. However, you cannot expect the most impeccable translation services on the market to be offered for pennies. If cost is your primary concern, you’ll always find incredibly affordable service providers and freelancers. On the downside, you may not be provided with the exceptional results you were hoping for.


Last but not least, if quality is the primary concern with your translation project that it’s important not to pay a great deal of mind to the above two considerations. The highest quality translations can only ever be sourced from experienced professionals – ideally given as much time as necessary to ensure the job gets done 100% flawlessly. It may cost more and require more time to complete, but if outstanding results are the only acceptable outcome, there’s really no alternative option available.

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