The Consequences of Substandard Certified Translation Services

Contrary to popular belief, choosing any given certified translation service does not represent a 100% guarantee of quality. Nothing of the sort, as while the agency (or its owner) may have certified translator status, those they work with may not be of the same calibre.

Which is precisely why when it comes to important certified document translations, it’s crucial to know who you are working with, before you begin working with them. It may seem like a fool-proof process, but to work with a substandard service provide is to run the risk of the following unfortunate consequences:

1 – Delays

First of all, lacklustre translation services significantly increase the likelihood of deadlines being missed. More often than not, part of the service package offered by a leading name will be a 100% guarantee of timely delivery, in accordance with the initial agreement. If such guarantees are not offered, you may well encounter delays.

2 – Errors

Perhaps even worse than delayed documents, errors in the target text can lead to disastrous consequences. As you yourself will not be made aware of the mistakes until they are picked up on by the recipient, you will be unable to do anything about them until it is too late. Depending on the document type and the urgency of the matter, this could trigger a whole world of severe problems.

3 – Lost Documents

While most certified translators are not in the habit of losing important documents, those who outsource or use substandard delivery services are. Quite simply, you need to know how your documents will be handled and by who, not to mention how their transit will be safeguarded. Without this information, you run the risk of your documents vanishing into thin air without a trace.

4 – Additional Costs

Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that while a low-end translation might save you money, you’ll end up spending way more than necessary if you have to pay to have the job done a second time. It makes far more sense to spend sensibly the first time around, in order to be provided with both outstanding results and total peace of mind.


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