Moving Abroad? Seek Certified Translations Before You Go

Generally speaking, certified translation services aren’t something you tend to think about until you really need them. But for those that are in the process of moving abroad for any given reason, it’s largely inevitable that they will become necessary sooner or later. And when they do, you may find yourself in a position where you’re short on time, not to mention options.

This is why it is generally advisable to think carefully about the documents you may need translating, before you actually make your move. The reason being that not only can it be easier to go about the process in your home country, but you’ll save yourself plenty of time and stress further down the line. Exactly what you’ll be needing will vary in accordance with where you’re moving and the reasons for you move, but you should nonetheless consider taking certified copies of the following translations with you:

  • Birth Certificate – Essential when it comes to things like marriage and adoption, though also often called for by employers, lenders and for general identification purposes.
  • Education Certificates – Important if you intend to apply for work in the country you’re moving to, as your credential in their native text may have zero value abroad.
  • Medical Records – If there’s anything of significance in your medical history, you might want to consider obtaining and translating the relevant records.
  • Criminal Background Check – Certain processes like adoption and even recruitment in some areas call for certified criminal background check translations.
  • Written References – The references you bring from previous employers/referees may only be accepted if they have been translated in an official capacity.
  • Business Documents – If you are setting up any kind of business abroad, you may need to translate things like patents, certificates, contracts, licensing and so on before you go.

It may come across as a little complex, but can actually be quite simple when tackled with experts in-tow. So for more information on certified translation services of any kind, get in touch with the Semiotic Transfer team today.

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