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Italian Certified Translation with Native Translators

Have you ever been in a situation when somebody told you that you’ll need a certified Italian translation? Were you confused? Worried? Thinking ‘what in the world is that’? Where and how do I get it? Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

What Is a Certified Italian Translation?

First things first. Let’s learn what a certified Italian translation is.

Certified or sworn translation is a comprehensive process of rendering text from source to target language, but with a catch. It must be done by an expert to be valid. And not only an expert translator. The translation company has to be accredited by authorities to translate official documents.

That means that you can use this translation as a legally credible document.

You can recognize the certified translation by a seal bearing the coat of arms of the State.

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Usual Services in Certified Translations

Italian is one of Switzerland's official languages. To submit an official document that's not in one of the official languages, you'll need assistance with translating and certifying your document(s).

Anything that needs to be handed out to the authorities usually needs to be translated by a professional translator.

If you’re applying for a scholarship in Switzerland, you’ll need a certified translation.

If you need to use a legal document in the court of law, you’ll need a certified translation.

If you’re getting married in Switzerland, guess what? You’ll need to get your documents localized by a professional translator.

One more important thing about certified Italian translation is that the layout of the translation needs to be as similar to the original as possible. That means spacing, form elements, margins, different fields…

Kind of a ‘translation design’ to get the whole package.

What’s the Point of Getting the Documents Translated?

The main question is why we even need to translate documents.

Imagine that you work as a clerk in, let's say, City Hall. A couple approaches you and says that they would like to get married in Switzerland. Wonderful news!

They hand you over their documents, but… You don’t understand a thing. It’s all in Slovakian!

No worries. They have a friend who has a good command of Italian. She’ll translate the documents. You’ll have it all ready to go in Italian by tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes, but the translation you got doesn’t look good. Some smaller things were left in Slovakian, the wording isn’t quite right, legal terminology is replaced with more of an ‘everyday’ vocabulary.

How can you be sure that all the information is true? You can’t.

That’s when certified Italian translation comes in handy.

By putting his or her signature and stamp, the translation company takes all necessary efforts to insure the translation is true to the original.. It's a guarantee that style, content, and terminology are faithful to the original.

The Importance of ISO 17100 in Certified Italian Translation [Benefits and Advantages]

You should have trust in your translator.

One way that can help you with checking credibility is by looking for an ISO 17100 certificate on the website of your translation provider.

The translator that will be intrusted with the translation of your document has to be chosen according to the translation services standard, ISO 17100. No machine translation, no errors. Everything is done to the industry standards and all texts are double-checked.

That’s the certified Italian translation you need.

It’s a good thing that SemioticTransfer AG has got its ISO 17100 certificate.

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Documents Translated by Experts

In certified Italian translation, every character matters.

That’s why an even better expression would be localization. That means that every word in the translated document is done in the spirit of the target language. This includes differences like imperial and metric measurements, date formats, currency units…

For example, to indicate a decimal point, Italian uses a comma (or virgola in Italian).
In English, we use a full stop.
Example: 11.6 (English) – 11,6 (Italian)

On the other hand, Italian uses full stop to indicate thousands.
Example: 49,394 (English) – 49.394 (Italian)

These ‘little things’ are the reason why you need a specialist for a certified Italian translation.

The professional who is a specialized translator will know all about it. Those experts went through a strict process of selection and education before becoming a qualified translator.

Thankfully, we have a remarkable pool of experienced certified translators who are always ready to help.

How Do I Obtain a Certified Translation?

Usually, translations are sent to the client in the plain Microsoft Word file. But since certified translation needs to be sealed and signed by a sworn translator, it doesn't work that way.

But it doesn’t mean it’s complicated. On the contrary. We make this process as simple as possible for you.
Step 1: Send us your scanned or photographed documents that need translating. Please note that all the information in the document should be visible and readable.
Step 2: We make you an unbinding quote.
Step 3: After you accept our quote, we translate, seal, and sign the document, and send the scanned PDF document to you via email. Of course, we send the hard copy of your certified translation to your home address as well.

That’s it. Your document is ready. Simple as that.

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Good Practices for Certified Italian Translation

Nobody knows it all, but practice makes perfect.

Due to millions of words translated and certified at SemioticTransfer, we learned a thing or two on how to achieve high-quality, world-class certified Italian translation.

Native Translators

The proven methodology starts with native translators.

Native translators ensure premium quality with the target language as their mother tongue.

Expert Reviewers in Their Fields

Every professional has a few sectors they master.

It's important to know your translators to achieve the best possible outcome. Their strong areas will make the translation top quality document.

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