ISO 17100 quality standard – for your certified translation

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Various different quality standards exist that guarantee efficient, professional and high-quality workflows. The translation industry also has a number of standards that translation companies have to observe for completing a certified translation. Here we answer some key questions about ISO 17100.

What is ISO 17100?

This international quality standard is one of the most well-known for translation agencies. It stipulates the minimum requirements for the qualifications of specialist staff and evaluates them based on objective criteria. It also requires the use of professional resources to guarantee professional translation services. What does this mean for our customers?

You can rely on us to meet key quality criteria. According to ISO 17100, the translators we use must meet one of the following three criteria:

  • Degree in translation
  • Degree in another subject + two years’ professional translation experience
  • Five years’ full-time professional translation experience

The following requirements also have to be met:

  • Four-eye principle – high-quality translations reviewed by a second linguist.
  • Specialist translators – each of our translation experts specialises in a particular field.
  • Confidentiality – customer data is kept secure and confidential.
  • Orderly working methods – the workflow is standardised and documented.
  • Highly qualified staff – the continuing professional development of our staff is fully documented.
  • Skilled management team
  • Professional quality management and project management
  • Standardised processes and quality criteria

How did SemioticTransfer obtain this certification?

As part of the certification procedure, we provided evidence that our translations are produced using a standardised process. This means we guarantee the highest quality and can deliver our services quickly and efficiently.

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