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Whether you need a certified translation of a document like for example a marriage certificate or the transcription of a birth or marriage certificate – our translation agency Semiotictransfer AG with its many years of experience is here to help! In more than one hundred languages, both as a target as well as a source language, we have an appropriate translator for you able to guarantee a professional transcription even on the international business level. But of course, we are also a competent partner for you when you require an official, notarised translation of a certificate for submission to an official body such as a court of law. Apart from common lingua francas such as French, English or Italian, we can also offer you the services of experienced translators in non-European languages such as Japanese, Arabic, and Chinese.

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SIt is always our declared maxim to meet the requirements of every translation order. Besides the execution of a marriage or birth certificate, the marriage register, a divorce certificate as well as any officially required transcriptions, the preparation of the certified translation of an official document as well as specialised translations are among our particular strengths. In doing so, our company scores points with extraordinary speed as you may submit all enquiries and orders conveniently by fax or e-mail. If you need an extremely fast translation, our express service is always at your disposal, further minimising the delivery time of the certified translation of an official document, or a birth or marriage certificate. Profit from our outstanding transcription quality, which is based on many years of professional experience as well as on superior expertise and which always guarantees a high-quality execution on the basis of native specialised translators.

20 years of experience for your certified translation

We have been working in this sector for more than twenty years and therefore are able to offer you the translation of rare and unusual topics in the most varied languages. Moreover, our efficient use of personnel not only allows for the strict adherence to delivery times, but for the tailored accommodation and consideration of all your needs and wishes as well. Because whether it concerns the meticulous, careful translation of a marriage certificate, whether you request the transcription of a birth certificate or whether you need a certified translation of an official document: taking care of each individual customer is particularly dear to us. Whenever you engage us, we always aim to precisely meet even your most demanding requirements. In every request you assign to us, you are entitled to a professional translator who precisely meets your needs. Therefore, you can always expect the modus operandi of our company Semiotictransfer AG to aim at a high level of quality.

So do not hesitate to order the preparation of a certified translation of an official document like a birth or marriage certificate or any other document by our company. But besides marriage and birth certificates, we also execute certified translations of extracts from commercial registers, diplomas, judgments, report cards, and certificates.

Professional specialised translators for certified translations

The art of an excellent and professional translation consists of building a bridge between the original text and the transcription language, i.e. the target language. So utilize the long-term expertise of our experienced team of translators for the certified translation of your official document. Because an experienced translator is able to convey both the technical as well as the cultural context while keeping the target group in mind. That is why in our company you will deal exclusively with professional, specialised translators whose native tongue is always identical with the language of the target group!

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Certified translations are a specialist service provided by SemioticTransfer AG.

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The officially TÜV-certified Swiss translation company for Certified Translations.


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