Essential Tips for Successful Certified Translations

All translation jobs are important, but there’s often a unique sense of urgency and criticality when it comes to certified translations. Documents only ever call for the services of professional certified translators if their content and purpose is of higher-level importance. As such, there is absolutely no margin for error and often no room for repeat attempts. First-time success is the only acceptable outcome, so what can be done to help ensure any given certified translation is completed flawlessly the first time around?

1 – Allow Plenty of Time

First and foremost, it’s critically important to allow as much time as possible, in order to pre-empt any potential delays. Even in the instance of a world-class translation service, there’s often little that can be done to 100% rule out postal issues and other disruptions. The earlier the job process is put into action, the better.

2 – Choose a Reliable Service Provider

Little is more important when ordering certified translations that working with a market-leading provider of the highest calibre. Along with extensive quality, timeliness and value guarantees, you might also want to consider evaluating customer feedback. Never take chances on translation companies you yourself cannot screen and verify ahead of time.

3 – Simplify Content if Possible

If it’s in any way possible to simplify or condense the content of the document, it’s always in your best interests to do so. Simplification can assist with not only getting the job done faster, but also in improving overall accuracy. Be careful however not to simplify to such an extent that important points and elements are excluded.

4 – Retain Copies

Last but not least, in instances where original/master copies of any given documents must be submitted, it is crucially important to hold onto hard copies in the meantime. Again, it’s impossible to entirely rule out the risk of delays, disruptions and problems with postage – copies of key documents may prove extremely useful if anything goes missing.

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