Certified translation: to register your patent abro for your brand new patent

Since the start of the pandemic many people have developed new business ideas and taken the leap into entrepreneurship. They’ve brought innovative ideas, products and services to the market. Have you developed a brand new concept? If the answer is yes, then you’ve probably already registered a patent in your own country to prevent the theft of your ideas. But does this give you enough protection? Unfortunately, in the majority of cases it doesn’t. Thanks to globalisation, we’re more closely connected than ever and are always running the risk that someone on the other side of the world will see and steal our ideas. This won’t be a problem in your own country because you’ve registered a patent, but what about abroad? To avoid patent infringement, it’s best to register your patent in all industrialised countries. What we can do for you: We offer a certified translation of your patent so it’s ready for you to register abroad – without any hitches.

Is a conventional translation of my patent sufficient?

No, a conventional translation is not considered legally valid by the state. In this case, it’s essential that your translation is certified.

How long is the certified translation of my patent valid for?

Generally, it’s valid for the same length of time as the original document. Patents in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are usually protected for 20 years, if you pay the annual fees. After the validity period expires, the invention becomes public property. However, the validity period in other countries can vary. You can contact the relevant authorities for more information.

Why should I choose SemioticTransfer?

Our team of translators are native-language experts who specialise in this area. They have the necessary skills and expertise and know exactly how the document needs to be translated for the target destination and target language. Translations are a matter of trust. That’s why we use the CSF infrastructure, which is certified according to the security standard ISO 27001. Your information will be treated with complete confidentiality and will never be given to a third party.

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