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Certified / sworn translators

If you need an officially certified translation, SemioticTransfer AG is the right partner for you to be talking to. As an officially TÜV-certified translation company in Switzerland, our team of officially certified and sworn translators is there to translate your documents into the desired target language with the quality guarantee that comes with having a certified translation. Avoid risk and decide in favor of the certified translation services from SemioticTransfer AG.

What is a certified translator?

The professional designation of ‘translator’ has no legal protection as such. Which means that almost anyone can officially designate themselves to be a translator, and can offer the services associated with that vocation.
As a customer, you therefore run the risk of encountering someone who is less than adequate at his or her job, but who alleges that they possess professional skills. Fortunately, you are not required to rely upon the self-assessment of a self-styled translator. There is a professional group of ‘certified translators’ who have satisfied all formal requirements to enable them to produce translations to a professional standard. By way of training, a certified translator, also known as a sworn translator, may have completed a course of study in language, after which he or she may have successfully passed a set of certification tests.
For yourself as a customer, the vocational designation of ‘certified translator’ demonstrates that you are working with a professional. Pay very close attention to the choice of words! Here, it takes just a single word to deliver a quality guarantee.

Which texts might a certified translator actually translate?

In principle, certified translators can work on any kind of text into the desired target language. These may include operating instructions, marketing documents or packaging slips, to name just a few examples. Sworn translators are particularly sought-after whenever a translation needs to be recognized as ‘official’.
Only a certified translator is entitled to produce a translation of this kind. He or she is also authorized to assess a translation as ‘correct and complete’. These forms of authorization are especially important whenever a document constitutes part of a legal action, for example in relation to a dispute about the honoring of contractual terms and conditions between two internationally active companies.
The capabilities of a certified translator do not necessarily have to become involved in court negotiations. Bureaucratic procedures such as citizenship constitute typical examples. At the end of the day, important decisions should never be taken on the basis of incorrectly presented facts.

How do you go about finding a certified translator?

SemioticTransfer AG employs sworn and certified translators. So if you wish to have one or more documents translated into another language, please contact us.
Thanks to our large network of sworn and certified translators, we can translate every kind of text into virtually any other language. We place the documents to be translated in the hands of experts in their field. You can be sure that the person translating, for example, your patent application, possesses the relevant specialist knowledge, meaning that the technical terminology employed in the target language will also be properly understood.
Of course, our certified translators also place great emphasis on discretion. After all, it is by no means unusual in our service to come into contact with confidential data. We offer our high-quality translation service at cost-effective terms and conditions. Find out yourself and request our price list from contact@semiotictransfer.ch or try out our easy-to-use price calculator.

Do you have any questions? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be delighted to help you, and to give you personal advice. Our telephone number is: +41 56 470 40 40!

Certified translations are a specialist service provided by SemioticTransfer AG.

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