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Complete Consulting for Certified Polish Translation

While choosing a translation service provider, there are several things you should consider.

Will your translation be done by a native speaker? Does the service provider have a certification proving quality and respecting industry standards? Will the translation undergo a reviewing process? Can it be used in the formal processes?

Let’s talk about the importance of these questions and what you should expect of the certified Polish translation.

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Certified Polish Translation for Any Document

When talking about certified translation, bear in mind that it is legally valid. That’s the main difference between a certified and a ‘normal’ translation. Due to its significance, the certified translation must not be changed in any way.

With the stamp and the signature, the translator guarantees that the layout and the content of the translation are faithful to the original document and can be legally admissible.

Commonly requested documents are mainly birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, different contracts, transcripts of records, ID cards and passports.

At SemioticTransfer AG you can get a certified Polish translation for any document, according to your needs. It can be tender documentation, medical records, auditor’s report, certificate of citizenship… Whatever you need.

If you’re not sure whether you need a certified translation or the ‘regular’, uncertified translation, the safest thing to do would be to ask the institution receiving the documents. That way you’ll avoid possible misunderstandings.

Native Polish Translators and Expert Reviewers

Fast, accurate and timely certified Polish translation should always be based on the Mother Tongue Principle. Meaning that the linguist should be translating into their native language. By respecting the native speaker standard, we achieve the highest quality.

The element of culture is too often overlooked in the translation industry. If someone is bilingual, it doesn’t directly mean that that person can be a translator. It takes a lot of learning, experience and linguistic skills to become a professional translator.

Those linguistic skills are best cultivated when being surrounded by the target language way of life.

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Thanks to the cultural immersion, localization is best carried out by native speakers of the target language. From English to Polish, Polish to English, or any other language combination - native speakers are a must.

Let’s not forget about the reviewers.

ISO 17100 standards require a skilled monolingual editor or a reviewer. It’s a person who checks technical terminology, tone and register of the translation, style and appropriateness.

It’s also highly desirable that the person has a strong background in the subject matter of the source document.

The reviewer is a valuable member of every translation process.

The Hague Apostille in Certified Polish Translations

Although a certified Polish translation of a Hague Apostille is not asked for frequently, it can be done.

This apostille validates the authenticity of a signature and, if applicable, a stamp on a document. It confirms the endorser’s authorization to sign under the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents.

The apostille enables the benefactor to skip further certification. Instead, a person can immediately use or send documents to the target country.

The main objective of the Hague Apostille is to simplify international legal activities.

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Over 10 Years of Expertise with Certified Polish Translation

Thousands of documents have been done by SemioticTransfer AG in the past decade. From patents and contracts to medical records, we’ve done it all.

Experience has taught us how important it is to always keep up with updates and move forward. It applies to legal groundwork as well as technological advancements.

For over 10 years SemioticTransfer AG has been gaining experience and expanding knowledge databases to help our clients in getting things done properly.

CAT tools help translators divide large multilingual documents into segments. It results in better and faster translation. Storing those segments in databases and regularly maintaining it means that translations are always up-to-date and conform to the latest legal and linguistic revisions.

In these 10 years, SemioticTransfer AG's network has grown a lot, gathering proven experts from different fields. That way our clients always have a reliable translator with years of experience and expertise in the required area.

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Free Online Quote for Certified Polish Translation

Everything can be sorted out via email. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. Send us the documents whenever suits your schedule the best.

Being an ISO 17100 certified agency, you can be sure that your translation project will be accomplished according to the highest standards. Accurate, terminology-consistent and done by competent linguists.

Communication improvement, increased customer satisfaction and constant service advancement are only a few benefits of hiring an ISO certified agency. Certified or not, Polish or in any other language, SemioticTransfer AG’s team would be happy to help.

Choosing the right service provider is key when it comes to high-quality certified Polish translation. Make sure that you find a translator you can rely on. Check for references, ask about the production processes and don’t settle.

If you need any consultations or would like to know more information, feel free to contact us.

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