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Certified Norwegian Translation – Free Online Quote

Getting a high-quality certified Norwegian translation by a native Norwegian translator can be quick and cost-efficient. Learn how!

Every certified translation has its challenges. Certified Norwegian translation is no different.

From the terminology and legal framework to the blueprint. It requires knowledge, experience and understanding of cultural nuances. Political, economic, and juridical aspects of the target language country also greatly affect the certified translation.

Today we’re going to talk more about the most important things about certified Norwegian translation and how to obtain it without even leaving your house.

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Specialized Native Certified Norwegian Translators

The incorrect translation is never a good thing. But errors and omissions are especially critical when it comes to a certified translation.

The best thing to avoid misunderstandings and ensure cultural familiarity is to leave the translation to native speakers. The combination of translation education and experience with the native language is always the winning one.

SemioticTransfer AG’s associate linguists with university degrees undergo a rigorous testing process determining their quality of work and other skills needed for top-class service.

A native translator handles the localization of date formats, time zones, monetary units… The localization also includes expressions and examples fitted to the use in certain geographic regions.

Furthermore, the evolution of the language is always closer to the native speaker living in the target language country. New concepts call for new terminology and expansion of vocabulary. And a native linguist will keep up with it more easily.

Norwegian is quite a special language. It has two official forms of writing. Bokmal and Nynorsk. Norwegians use Bokmal more in everyday life, but Nynorsk is the official writing standard in four of Norway's 19 counties. There are some unofficial variations as well.

Because of all those distinctions, a native translator is the way to go for a certified Norwegian translation.

Receive Certified Norwegian Translation without Leaving Your Home

Thanks to modern technology, obtaining a certified Norwegian translation can be done without leaving the comfort of your home. The first thing to do is to send the scanned or photographed document(s) via email. Since the original documents need to be attached to the translation, make sure that everything is visible and readable. That will also make it easier for the translator to perform the highest-quality translation.

Upon receiving your email, our team will inspect your documents and make an estimate. The quote is completely free of charge. Without any obligations.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the confidentiality of your documents. Due to our company policies and network security, you are safe. After the acceptance of the quote, your work is done. It’s when the translators, editors and reviewers enter the scene.

When the translation is ready, you’ll get it in an email. Ready to use. If you need a hard copy of the translated documents, that’s not a problem. We can send it to you no matter where you are.

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Certified Translation Service + Hague Apostille

When handing in documents in another country, it’s often accompanied by a translation for authorities’ records.

Sometimes government institutions ask for a certified Apostille. It’s mainly used by the member countries of The Hague convention of 1961.

Its purpose was to simplify the acceptance of legal documents by signatory countries. If an Apostille from one Hague Convention member country is attached to your documents such as a birth or marriage certificate, or other legal documents, there’s no need for additional certification or legalization.

At SemioticTransfer AG you can translate and apostille your documents for any country in the world.

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Certified Norwegian Translation with ISO 17100

The International Organization for Standardization defines quality requirements and industry standards in the translation field in the ISO 17100 norm. The ISO 17100 standard refers to several components of the translation and localization process.

The first is resources. It institutes eligibility and professional expertise of translators, revisers (bilingual editors), reviewers (monolingual editors), project managers, etc. By the ISO standards, these competencies need to be regularly maintained and updated.

Pre-production processes and activities define the requirements for handling quotation requests, inquiry and feasibility assessment, as well as client relations and other administrative activities.

The last two are production and post-production processes. The ISO 17100 quality standard emphasizes the importance of interacting with the client. For the best possible outcome, the translator may ask you as a client for some clarification, possible modifications and your feedback.

If you see the ISO 17100 certificate on your language service provider’s website, you can be sure that the translation will be carried out with the utmost proficiency.

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Certified Norwegian Translation - Free Online Quote

There’s a number of linguists to choose from when it comes to translation.

Although Norwegian has a lot in common with English from a linguistic point of view, finding the right translator isn’t always easy.

Luckily, your search can end here.

Request your free quote for certified Norwegian translation online and let us handle the rest.

Business, technical, personal, or educational purposes - your certified Norwegian translation should be carried out professionally and efficiently. After all, certified translation has legal power.

Native translators, ISO 17100 certification and proven expertise should be the characteristics to look for when deciding about your language service provider. Save yourself money, time and headaches by working with professionals.

Get your translation ready now!

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