Certified Translation

How to avoid problems with certified translations

Do you need a certified translation of your documents, degrees, and certificates? Maybe an apostil?
Would you like to get married in Switzerland or abroad? Do you want to emigrate and have to get various documents (criminal record, bank statements, work references, etc.) officially translated and certified? Or are you studying abroad and need an accurate translation of your transcripts and degrees?

No matter what you need a certified translation for, bear in mind the following two general rules:

1. Avoid unpleasant surprises with poor translations!
2. Watch out for incorrectly certified translations!

Poor translations and notarisations that are not recognised can create problems and extra costs.

We’d like to offer you security and protect you from harm.
This is why we’ve specialised in recognised certified translations for over 10 years.

A tip from out expert, Dr. Arno Giovannini:
«A professional translation with an official notarisation can help to avoid problems with recognition at public authority offices in Switzerland and abroad.»

The certified specialist for certified translations according to quality standards ISO 17100 and ISO 9001.

95% of clients recommend SemioticTransfer further!
As per the results of the 2015 TUV certified customer survey.