Notarial certification in virtually every language

Notarially certified translations

With correspondence involving important documents, notarial certification is often needed to verify the authentic nature of a document. This requirement applies to documents in their original format as well as to copies or translations. SemioticTransfer AG has specialized in the provision of notarially certified translations. With our team of sworn and certified translators, we can translate your certificates et al, as well as getting them notarially certified and officially recognized. This obviates the need for you to make a separate visit to a notary public.

The main activity of a notary public is to certify legal transactions and to officially witness signatures. This vocation has a long tradition. Even in the days of the Roman Empire, notary publics were responsible for drawing up certificates. SemioticTransfer AG can assist you in specialist applications of this nature. Our certified translators produce for you notarially certified translations of your documents, certificates and items of correspondence.

Notarially certified translations in virtually all languages

If you need a certified translation for correspondence with a foreign government body, SemioticTransfer AG can provide you with a seamless and convenient turnkey solution. Send in the document that requires translation, or bring it into our office, stating that you also wish to have the translation notarially certified. We shall then place the job in the hands of one of our certified translators and you can be assured of receiving a translation that is entirely satisfactory.
As a general rule, we can get a document translated for you within a week. Your target language can be any one of the full range of EU languages. Furthermore, we also have sworn and certified translators who work into other main world languages. You may for example need a translation, notarially certified, of a certificate in Chinese, Arabic or Hebrew. Not a problem! SemioticTransfer AG is perfectly capable of handling this matter for you.

Notarial certification – just one of many additional services

SemioticTransfer AG, the first ever TÜV-certified translation company in Switzerland, only employs officially sworn and certified translators. We can therefore provide you with a guarantee that your document will be translated into the desired target language with unerring accuracy. Our extensive network of certified translators has been recruited entirely from native speakers who are authorized to certify their own translations but who also have the relevant level of specialist knowledge.
If for example your documents depict complex subject matter and make frequent use of foreign language terms in their text, our language experts are perfectly capable of producing a translation that conveys the same meaning. It is also necessary to take account of distinctive cultural aspects of the target language country in any translation. Our sworn and certified translators always find the right form of words, steering away from ‘clumsy’ formulations. Our tried and tested package of services delivers a perfect translation including notarial certification and apostille.

Do you have any questions? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be delighted to help you, and to give you personal advice. Our telephone number is: +41 56 470 40 40!

Certified translations are a specialist service provided by SemioticTransfer AG.

Swiss Certified Service

The officially TÜV-certified Swiss translation company for Certified Translations.


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